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Security certificates

Post by mcmullan »

Does there exist the best way to create a security certificate for WinCC OPC UA? V3.16 P016

A customer set up an project, using the WinCC OA OPC UA server to an external OPC UA client originally with no security..
Now they are trying to take that same project and add the Basic256 security to it, but the OPC UA client is rejecting the server certificate when they created.
The admit that they may have something incorrect and are asking for a written instructions other than the help file on how to create a certificate.

I have tried this test myself following the help carefully and have not been able to get this to work either.


Rick McMullan
Siemens HMI CoC

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Re: Security certificates

Post by leoknipp »

Normally you get predefined certificates from a certificate authority if there is a need to use own certificates.
Creating the certificates using WinCC OA panels and tools is not the standard procedure. It is just an example how you can create certificates.

Can you please ask the customer how he normally deals with certificates and if he has some already available.

Best Regards
Leopold Knipp
Senior Support Specialist

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