WinCC OA 3.18 and auto-scaling

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WinCC OA 3.18 and auto-scaling

Post by jcbaar »

We are experimenting with WinCC OA 3.18 and are running into some issues regarding it's UI scaling behavior and scrollbars in embedded modules. We load much of our UI into embedded modules. On some of those embedded modules we also apply a calculated zoom factor using ZoomModule(). On others we simply load the panel into the embedded module and let the system decide whether or not scrollbars are necessary.

However with the new auto-scale functionality in WinCC OA 3.18 the UI seems to insist to scale down the panel in a embedded module to prevent scrollbars. In other cases we see that applying a zoom using ZoomModule() on an embedded module yields different results compared to the 3.17 behavior. We als see 'Given zoomfactor is out of range' warnings in the log viewer where there where no issues in 3.17 with the same panels and code base.

We have experimented with the autoDownscaleThreshold setting and the setScaleStyle() function but there does not seem to be a way to make the UI behave like it did in 3.17 regarding scaling.

Is there any way to have the 3.18 UI behave the same as in 3.17? I.E. Turn off the auto-scaling completely?


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Re: WinCC OA 3.18 and auto-scaling

Post by leoknipp »

I have created a test panel with 2 embedded modules and have loaded panals which are too big.
Between 3.17 and 3.18 I cannot see a difference. The "scaling" behaviour seems to be the same in both versions.

Which scale factor have you applied when the log message is written that the zoom factor is out of range?
Have you possibly changed the zoom factor thresholds in the config file of the project running 3.17?

Maybe you can add a simple example where we can see the difference.

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Leopold Knipp
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