User password change

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User password change

Post by Balewski »


We use
-WinCC OA 3.17 P005
-pmon running as service on the Network Service Account
-OS Auth. user administration.
-none SSO

When the user password has been changed in AD and the user is trying to login we get:

WCCOAui (4), 2020.10.14 11:33:34.719, PARAM,SEVERE, 0, , No permission to change password
WCCOAui (4), 2020.10.14 11:33:34.772, CTRL, SEVERE, 1/OaLogin, Unknown workstation error

(when we delete the user in WinCC and delete the OSIDs from deleted users the new(old) user is added properly when login.)

what could be the reason?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: User password change

Post by Andorhal »

Thanks for bringing that up.
We wil have a look at it, might be a bug.

Have you set user bit 4?

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Re: User password change

Post by emaddocks »

I had a similar issue when I deleted a user through the User Administration panel but when I try to login again to re-create the user it failed - "User with the same OSID already exists".

To resolve this you need to clear the internal DP '_Deleted_Users.OSIDs' entry related to that user.

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Re: User password change

Post by leoknipp »

Modifying the values at the internal datapoint of dp type _Users is prohibited.
If you delete information from these datapoints on your own you will loose information. E.g. if the information is deleted and you do a historical query the user ID cannot be resolved into its name.

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Leopold Knipp
Senior Support Specialist

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