User permission bit

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User permission bit

Post by orla090978 » Fri Feb 21, 2020 3:42 pm

in our project will be foreseen user management using AD integration but for now we create "user management" using standard WnCC OA features.

We know that "user rights consist of the combination of group, area and workstation rights in the following way (Group1 && Area(Group1) && Workstation (Group1) || (Group2 && Area(Group2) && Workstation(Group2)).

This means that the rights for a user are composed of the different rights assigned to the group the user belongs to. A user belonging to Group1 inherits the rights of the Group1 and the rights of the area that was assigned to this group. Additionally, the user also inherits the workstation authorization if an authorization was defined for the group that the user belongs to."

but the customer wants a user "perzonalization" (permission bits??) that not depend by the above inherits.

Maybe they spoke about "authorization check plug-in" that allows setting access rights on data point element level but we don't knows if this satisfy the customer request (besides this plug-in now it's not present in our project).

Can you help us to find out if in WINCC OA standard "user management" is possible to define this permission bit?

Thanks in advance?

Best regards.

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