Important: Common Rules for the WinCC OA Portal

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Important: Common Rules for the WinCC OA Portal

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The WinCC OA Portal is not a replacement for the common WinCC OA support.
The idea of the portal is that WinCC OA users for all companies using WinCC OA can communicate and share information.

For questions related to WinCC OA you should use your common WinCC OA support instead of the portal.

ETM uses the worldwide Siemens Support as your first contact. After adding your service request into the support database the service request is forwarded to ETM and we always have a look at the issues forwarded to ETM.
For the common support there are analysis times defined, see the entry "Support & Services" --> "Customer Support" at our homepage.

At the portal we have a look time-by-time, therefore it can take several hours or days before an answer is posted by ETM.

Please take into account that some basic information is needed for a new support request.
Therefore please have a look at the following entry in the Knowledge Base: ... c14e86d084

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