RDB With Datapump Option a "REVOLUTION"

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RDB With Datapump Option a "REVOLUTION"

Post by cprett » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:47 am

Since the beginning of 2019 a new "datapump" backup mode for WinCC OA Archive Group has been introduced, and is the new preferred mode to use with RDB Installations. General goal was to ease up oracle database installation and to improve the handling of the database. Further more it was necessary to support the "MULTITENANT DATABASE OPTION" in oracle (PLUGGABLE DATABASES).

Here is a list of advantages to use "datapump" instead of "rman" backup

*Logical Backups with Oracle Datapump Export
*Automatic Tablespace Monitoring
*Support of Oracle Container Databases with Pluggable Databases inside.
*Support of Oracle Managed Files
*No security breach because of RMAN backups throughout the RDB application ( arc_xpi User )
*Crossversion Compatibility of Datapump Exports
*Crossplatform Compatibility of Datapump Exports
*Reducing the number of database files significantly
*Default database installation possible for most of the WinCC OA projects
*No offline Datafiles anymore
*Standard RMAN backups can be used without skipping offline datafiles
*Reduces the effort for Database Upgrades and Server Migrations
*Constant Database Size because of reusing empty blocks

So there are a lot of advantages using "datapump".

The datapump archiving feature is available in 3.15 ,3.16 and 3.17

If you need additional information please feel free to answer this post.

Christof Prettner
Oracle Database Consultant @ETM

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