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WCCILevent -report all

Post by winthrop.polk »

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 /opt/WinCC_OA/3.16/bin/WCCILevent -report all -proj APP -log +stderr
- When I run this command with the Event Manager Running, I get error: The Manager (SYS: 0 Event -num 0 CONN: 1) is already running at host localhost., MAN: (SYS: 1 Data -num 0 CONN: 1)
- I then stop the project in the console; but database, event, multiplexing proxy, distribution and process monitor are all still running.
- I then stop each one, so that only the process manager is running via console. I wasn't able to only shutdown event manager, seems I had to kill all of them to end that one.

When I run this command wth the Event Manager Stopped, I get the error: Connection to (SYS: 0 Data -num 0 CONN: 1) @ localhost:4897 failed, new attempt in 20 secs

Does anyone have any insight into what is happening here, what I am doing wrong?

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Re: WCCILevent -report all

Post by kilianvp »

- You can run only one WCCILevent per Project.
- You are sure you dont have any other running Projects?
- Do not start important managers like WCCILpmon, WCCILdata or WCCILevent if you have no idea how they work or what parameters to start them with. If managers are started incorrectly, you may not be able to stop them from the console.

To run WCCILevent you need a running WCCILpmon and WCCILdata. Every Manger needs WCCILdata except WCCILdata and WCCILpmon.

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Re: WCCILevent -report all

Post by leoknipp »

As written in another post the report flags can only be set for WinCC OA managers already running.

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