Alarm query missing entries

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Alarm query missing entries

Post by ozangor » Thu Oct 01, 2020 4:06 pm

Hi there,

I am having a critical issue with querying the database, either from default AES, or my own dpQuery(select alert... implementation.

Upon receiving s7+ program alarms, i'm parsing the alert texts, and generate new impulse alerts using some other datapoint's alert handler. There is also another script which is acknowledging all alarms triggered this way. And the alert class is selected as "Acknowledge deletes." So I don't have that alarm in living alarms anymore.

I will show two different timeranges, and results of them:

With no results: (see timerange, even if I have some entries in that range.)
2020-10-01 18_45_09-0_MainModule_ LC_MH_LTDS.png
2020-10-01 18_45_09-0_MainModule_ LC_MH_LTDS.png (1.85 KiB) Viewed 1073 times
With results: (see timerange)
2020-10-01 18_44_29-0_MainModule_ LC_MH_LTDS.png
2020-10-01 18_44_29-0_MainModule_ LC_MH_LTDS.png (5.92 KiB) Viewed 1073 times
So even if the starting time is decreased by 1 seconds, I'm able to see the entries that should already exist in that given range. (check timestamp of visible alert)
First screenshot should also return some entries from the history but nothing is there...

What might be the reason for this? Any help is appreciated!

(edit: v3.16 p012, using regular raima db for alert recording)

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