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Post by Smiffy »

I have configured OA to run as a service as per the official documentation.
The UI is then started from the windows task scheduler (...WCCOAui.exe -proj Project_Name -num 2 -p vision/startup.pnl -iconBar -menuBar
What I would like to achieve is to display a boot up screen saver, that displays for the duration of the OA system starting (as a service).
That is when all the managers have been started by the pmon (console).
I have tried putting managers in the pmon to display screens. However, this cannot work as when the pmon (console) is running as a service, it cannot display anything as it has no display capability (handle).
I have tried to locate a simply windows app to display a screen image, which I could call part of the UI task scheduler, but I cannot find anything suitable. Plus this would be a bit of a bodge to be honest. There must be a better / official way of getting OA to display a splash screen for the duration of the boot up.

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Re: Splashscreen

Post by adaneau »


You could call 2 UI, the first one as a -n (no connection to event data) which acts as splash screen and then the second one being the "real" UI. I personally don't use task scheduler but it should be doable.


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