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Variable Trend Export not possible after closing second panel

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 2:48 pm
by dbindernagel
I found a bug in the Variable Trend.

After opening two Variable Trend panels and closing either one, the "Export to CSV" function does not work anymore for the remaining panel.

Version: WinCC OA 3.17 P005
OS: Windows 10
Projekt: GettingStarted_3.17

Steps to reproduce using the GettingStarted_3.17 project.
1. Open aGedi
2. Open "System Management"
3. Open "Reports"
4. Open "Variable Trend"
5. Select any trend from the "Trend configuration" and click on the "View" button. (create a trend with one DPE if necessary). Trend panel opens and can be ignored for now.
6. In the still open "System Management > Reports" panel click again on Variable Trend and open another trend panel (can be the same trend or a different one, see step 5).
7. Close any one of the open trend panels.
8. Click on the "Export to CSV" button on the remaining trend panel.

1. Panel to select a filename shows a 0 (normally empty) and the following error message appears in the log:

Code: Select all

WCCOAui      (1), 2020.08.13 16:36:17.725, CTRL, SEVERE,    176, Uncaught exception in thread started at main: 
WCCOAui      (1), 2020.08.13 16:36:17.725, CTRL, SEVERE,     73, Variable not defined, 
    Module: Vision_16
    Panel: C:\Siemens\Automation\WinCC_OA\3.17\panels\vision\trend\VT_trendsave.pnl [Export data to *.CSV]
    Script: Initialize
    Line: 3, FileName
	     1: main() at [Module: Vision_16 Panel: vision\trend\VT_trendsave.pnl Script: Initialize]:3
2. Click on the folder icon, enter a filename in the opened file selection dialog and click on save, then again on "OK". Another error appears in the log and the export file is empty (meaning not even header information or anything; zero byte file)

Code: Select all

WCCOAui      (1), 2020.08.13 16:39:41.276, CTRL, SEVERE,    176, Uncaught exception in thread started at main: 
WCCOAui      (1), 2020.08.13 16:39:41.276, CTRL, WARNING,    78, Assignment to this expression impossible, VTExporting, 
    Module: WinCC_OA(1)
    Panel: C:\Siemens\Automation\WinCC_OA\3.17\panels\vision\trend\VT_trend.pnl [VT-Trend]
    Object: 46 named: "cmd_export" of type: PUSH_BUTTON
    Script: Clicked
    Line: 86
	     1: main() at [Module: WinCC_OA(1) Panel: vision\trend\VT_trend.pnl Object: cmd_export Script: Clicked]:86
Possible reason for the bug:
"panels/vision/trend/VT_trend.pnl" contains some removeGlobal statements that affect both open trend panels.

Hope this helps.