Table styling vs scaling

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Table styling vs scaling

Post by ivan141 » Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:32 pm


I have an issue that I would love to hear your opinion about.
For my current project I use rather heavily styled tables, mostly handled by CSS, but in many
cases the cell contents are also styled with the help of HTML.

This all works nicely except for 2 situations:

-PrintTable function sadly also outputs html markup, making it near useless (but that's not what I came to ask about).

-Scaling to a bigger size:
The table is scaled relative to the panel, but it appears my stylesheet is applied without any regard for the scaling.
Thus my QHeaderView becomes far too small to contain the upscaled header text, even though I used ex value for height in my stylesheet.
I dont see how I can fix this from the stylesheet itself.

Another problem is HTML content in cells, the panels' scaling is apparently not applied to these cells, resulting in huge cells with relatively small text.

Any help on the matter would be most welcome.

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