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Scaling issues in windows 10 on IPC227E

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 2:03 pm
by MattPaulissen
For some reason the scaling on my embedded modules doesn't work once I move my project to a windows 10 IPC. On my dev machine the responsive templates were working perfectly, and I could resize the main window to whatever size I wanted without creating scroll bars on my main embedded module. On the IPC it doesn't try to scale it at all though, and I end up seeing about 1/4 of the main screen and the embedded module has scroll bars in it.

I even tried modifying the template and placing this in each module:
setScaleStyle(SCALE_FIT_TO_MODULE, this.ModuleName());

Is there some windows setting I need to change? Or maybe some UI switch I don't know about? My UI has the following switches:

-p vision/startup.pnl -iconBar -menuBar