Not good searching on new portal

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Not good searching on new portal

Post by Piterskiy » Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:19 pm

Dear ETM,
Sorry, but searching on the portal currently works not well.

Currently a box in the top right corner that contains placeholder "Search for..." searches not really good (call this search method as a 'Searching box').
If I need to search something in the community I have to press on icon with "three horizontal lines" below the Searching box, then select Search in the menu and in the opened window enter the text for searching (call this method of searching as a 'Community searching').
It works better than Searching box, e.g. when searching for common word as 'dpExists':
Searching box finds - 3 entries.
Community searching - 8 entries.

However Community searching works still not excellent as:
if I need to find posts that contain info regarding "DP_MSG_COMPLEX_VC" flag. I enter this text to the search field and have "83 matches" in Community searching (but 0 by using Searching box), that looks optimistic but not really as searching algorithms splits the word with '_' delimiters and decides that some of the word components shall be ignored, here what I see:

Searched query: +COMPLEX

ignored: DP MSG VC

So I don't know how to search for "DP_MSG_COMPLEX_VC" word by using forum and I have to use Google, I am entering the following request to Google:
" DP_MSG_COMPLEX_VC" (as site is not well indexed yet and I have zero results on that, I have to use former portal address).

I got 4 pages in result of Google searching by using former portal address. I can't open found links as usual by clicking on them as they are from the former portal and it redirects me to the start page of
But I have a clue, page names from the former portal,that shall not be changed after migration, so I need to find these topics, by searching for their names on the current forum. So I'm using Community searching to find forum topics that contains the info that might help me.

It works, but a little bit tricky. Could you fix searching on the new portal?

Upd. Searching box at the top right corner searches by default within a "Whole site" if change the search area on Community the search will be equal to Community searching that I've described. But why still Whole site is less than Community (see the 'dpExists' example).

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Re: Not good searching on new portal

Post by Kirvesmies » Wed Sep 25, 2019 6:15 am

Good points. Hopefully this will be addressed by someone at ETM. And thanks for the hints on searching the community under the quicklinks button and by using google.

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Re: Not good searching on new portal

Post by leoknipp » Wed Oct 16, 2019 9:29 am

This topic was forwarded to our administrator of the WinCC OA Portal.
If you have new comments feel free to add them in this thread.

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Leopold Knipp
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