Excel Report

This manual explains the basic principles of WinCC OA Excel Report, and how to use it. WinCC OA Excel-Report is an MS Excel extension for integrated data analysis and report generation using WinCC OA archive data.

Project phases Recommended activities, and links to instructions and entry points
Prior to installing WinCC OA Excel Report Create a multi-lingual WinCC OA project, create and configure an archive, configure the archive structure and data point list, check installation requirements and general requirements.
After installationof WinCC OA Excel Report and prior to template creation Configure WinCC OA Excel Report: set up computer connections, import structure and data points, adopt base values, select report type
Prior to report generation Draft and create a template, link cells and data points, design reports
After report generation

Savereport, print, publish:

user-controlled or automated on schedule basis

SQL queries Working with the SQL Wizard
Practical work This section gives you a very simple application-based demonstration of report generation using WinCC OA Excel Report