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105064 Moscow
WinCC Partner

Main focus:

"From Conceptual or basic design to detailed engineering


Water/Wastewater,  Industry,  Energy,  Oil & Gas,  Infrastructure, 

Field of business activity:

1: National Control Centre of ‘Petro China’ Gas Pipeline System, China - SCADA systems for main and backup Dispatch Center - Station control systems (local SCADAs and RTUs) - Data network

2: Control Center for Gas Pipeline System of ‘REN’, Portugal - SCADA systems for main and emergency Control Center - RTU control systems for pipeline stations - Advanced dispatching control applications

3: Control and Automation System of ‘Astrakhan’ Gas Field, Russia - SCADA for Main and distributed control centers - Automation of gas extraction (PLCs) - Industrial Ethernet network

4: Control System for ‘SWCC’ Water Transport System, Saudi Arabia - SCADA and distributed PLC based automation system - Control and dispatching applications - Ethernet networks

5: Control System of ‘FBG’ Oil Product Pipelines, Germany - Central SCADA and local control stations - Dispatching applications - Pipeline simulation and leak detection

Other information:

"Our mission is to support you throughout all the stages of your investments to help you find the best solution for your challenges.

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